Over 50 Years of Out-of-the-Box Innovation

Customers have been counting on Corrugated Supplies Company over its 50 year history. With a reputation as a forward-thinking partner, CSC has pioneered innovations that have changed the industry’s DNA.

Take a closer look at some of our most notable milestones:

1964 S. Richard Van Horne Sr. develops the first sheet feeder concept, opening Corrugated Supplies Co. (CSC)
1996 CSC launches color linerboard, introducing The Colors of VanCraft
1997 40 million square feet of VanCraft colors product shipped to date
1998  CSC’s proprietary and industry-changing online ordering system was in its early stages of development
2000 CSC replaces color liners with inline flexo printing processes, delivering unparalleled near-preprint quality and astonishing color match capabilities at 1/3 the cost of “competitors” offline color process products
2002  John Potocsnak takes controlling ownership of CSC
80% of our 500 daily orders are received through our exclusive software
2003   CSC expands with its RusCorr operation in Cullman, AL
2005  CSC promotes U.S. manufacturing by delivering “Creating Jobs in America” printed on brown and white boxes to CNN and other industry influencers
2007 CSC Indiana opens for operation in New Haven, IN
2011 CSC Atlanta opens for operation in Conyers, GA
2015  CSC acquires FutureMark Mini Mill in Alsip, IL where it now produces 100% recycled medium
2018 CSC expands further as RusCorr II opens for operation in Harrisburg, AR
TODAY Customers continue to rely on CSC’s impressive turnaround and exemplar service fueled by its proprietary technology which remains second to none!

At CSC, we don’t rest on our laurels.

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